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Discover How to Earn 25K in 4 Months Without Spending Any Money/Selling To Your Friends


Join one of the highest performing sales teams in the country
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Why Are You Most Excited to Work With Us?


  1. What is this all about?
  2. This is an opportunity or a job to work as a Sales Person making up to 40K / per summer.
  3. Is this a work from home position?
  4. No, currently this is a door to door sales opportunity where you knock on peoples doors and offer them options that will protect their home & family.
  5. What positions are available?
  6. Sales positions and management positions
  7. What will I sell?
  8. You will be selling Home Security options such as Smart Home Automation, Door Bell Cameras, Cameras and other ways people can easily keep their home secure.
  9. What will I learn
  10. You will learn self development in action. From Leadership, Emotional Awareness, to Sales and Marketing strategy, you will learn ways on how to build a team, inspire others, find out what people want and how to be FULLY in control of your income.

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What are we looking for?

  1. You're Gritty, Entrepreneurial, Goal Driven
  2. Sharp as a Tack, Enthusiastic as Hell, Is a Figure of Authenticity
  3. Someone with a Growth Mindset

Why Alarmguard?

Alarm Guard Security Services is one of the biggest Canadian player in the Smart Home space and with new offerings we have been dominating the industry

What Do I Get?
  1. Access to 6-figure Earning Mentors + Coaches
  2. A Hustle & Work Ethic That You'll Value
  3. Important Communication & Business Skills TO GET WHAT YOU WANT
  4. Learn the Most Employable Skills of Sales, Influence & Marketing
  5. Opportunity to Join an Already Successful Sales Team
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